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The Advantage of Prior Learning Assessment (PLA)


A Global Knowledge Bank
 Everyone has some gaps in their learning even the most well rounded competency based degree seekers. Today, much of the world's knowledge is available on the Internet. It is but a few key strokes away. Given the proper tools, mentoring, coaching, and education guidance, individuals have access to vast reservoirs of knowledge and an educational experience that literally may be acquired free and delivered anywhere in the world.
DiULUS SCHOOL of Graduate Studies is an individual's personal gateway to find, select, study, and accumulate sufficient free and validated credits to achieve an accredited degree or certificate recognition for their effort. These documents are provided by the potential degree applicant and the School will assist qualified learners, at their request, for a blueprint to package their cumulative learning that will be further assessed by an accredited partner institution that will accept their credits for a competency based degree.

Interdisciplinary Study
One of the advantages of years of experience and professional practice in a chosen profession is the nature of the learning that follows an individual. It is what is referred to as Interdisciplinary. Much debate has occurred throughout higher education as to the conceptual development and true meaning of interdisciplinary competency based studies. For THE SCHOOL of Graduate Studies such prior knowledge is simply defined as taking two or more dissimilar traditional disciplines and combining them to make and foster a greater understanding and educational model.
Under THE DiULUS SCHOOL of Graduate Studies guidance, a potential degree candidate may join their dissimilar field experiences and disciplines and combine the experiences to create the avenues on which to document potential competencies, their accumulated learning, and credited accomplishments.